Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting Outsourcing


Accounting Outsourcing

For who

The service is dedicated primarily to enterprises that are intensively developing and companies from the SME sector that want to optimize the cost of accounting services (get a price adequate to the work performed by the accounting office). Due to modern IT solutions (sending documents in electronic form and electronic flow and acceptance of documents – CDB Workflow), the location loses its importance.

We stand out in the market with:

  • high efficiency: we use modern IT tools that allow to replace the "human factor" with automating accounting processes,
  • market experience: guaranteeing high-quality content,
  • an interdisciplinary team of specialists.

We provide our clients with:

  • Optimal costs of accounting and HR and payroll services.
  • Adaptation to specific requirements related to the industry in which the client operates or the type of activity of a given company (including responding to the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority).
  • A dedicated system of electronic flow and archiving of documents.
  • Fast and reliable financial reporting.
  • Cyclical tax and accounting audits.
  • Support in liquidity management (monitoring of receivables, reporting and recovery).
  • Tax advisory services, affecting the reduction of monthly burdens arising from public and legal liabilities.
  • Access to a large team of specialists from all fields of finance and management. Accounting is one of many areas of our activity.
  • A Guardian dedicated to the Customer maintains continuous contact with the accountant and the Client; additionally, after consultation with a specific specialist, the Guardian is able to suggest to the Client taking actions outside the accounting area, which may increase the value of the company.

Our modern IT solutions

We implement the latest IT solutions that improve the functioning of the financial department in a company and allow better and more effective control in company's finances. This includes, among others:
  • Electronic circulation and archiving of CDB Workflow documents.
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  • CDB Wordflow - main functionalities:
    • integrates clients' IT systems with the CDB Workflow System;
    • allows replacing the paper documentation flow with an electronic one;
    • systematizes and expedites the documents flow and acceptance of documents;
    • allows customers to view their documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    • gives the possibility of a flexible definition of rights to accept documents depending on, for example, the amount of the document, the type of the document, change of acceptance rights after exceeding the budget etc.;
    • integrating the CDB Workflow system with the accounting system enables automatic posting of on-line documents;
    • integration of the accounting system with CDB Workflow and the company's budget allows you to control whether a given expense results in exceeding the budget.
  • Automation of accounting processes.
  • Resignation from the paper flow of documents and replacing it with an electronic form.
  • On-line access to financial documents.

Law and taxes

Legal and tax advisory for our clients is provided by the law firm operating in the structures of CDB.



If you need support in the financial management of the company or have additional questions, please contact us directly at +48 22 460 85 50 or by filling in the form available at the button below.