Personnel (HR) And Payroll Out

Personnel (HR) And Payroll Out


Personnel (HR) and payroll outsourcing

How are we working

Personnel and payroll services provided for our clients’ employees are one of the most important processes that we support. Thanks to the specialization and many years of experience, we are able to organize processes in such a way as to minimize costs on the customers’ part while maintaining the high quality of services.
To that end, we have developed a number of IT tools that support and improve basic processes related to ongoing customer service. As an innovative company, we received a lot of subsidies from the EU funds for the development and implementation of modern solutions.
We pay special attention to the quality of services provided and to constantly update the changing legal regulations.

We facilitated the HR and payroll management with:

  • modern IT solutions that automate, organize and accelerate processes, including the Employee Portal or automation of the process of calculating and paying wages (full confidentiality and protection of employees data),
  • support in optimization, preparation and implementation of procedures facilitating HR and payroll management
  • improving the communication process due to the helpline to contact the Client's employees with our HR and payroll department
  • trainings and consultations for the management staff systematizing the necessary knowledge in the field of human resources and payroll
  • access to experts experienced and recognized in the field of labor law

Employee Portal

We provide our Clients with the possibility of using a special IT tool allowing for the processing of various types of documents created in the organization. The tool, above all, facilitates the process of documents flow in the company and gives the possibility of their multi-level acceptance, making it extremely useful, among others in processes related to employment, change of employment conditions and dismissal of employees, but also in concluding civil-legal contracts. The advantage of the Employee Portal tool is the possibility of adapting it to the individual needs of the Client and the possibility of using it for every process repeated in the organization.
The Employee Portal also has the functions of improving for the employees, the personnel services, due to:
  • automatic generation of a ready-made referral for medical examination and documents to set up the employee's personal file
  • management of holiday request forms - their submission and acceptance as well as access to the current holiday status of an employee
  • the employee, using the System, reports a given matter in an orderly manner, receives information about who deals with his or her case and the case status, and finally gets the effect, i.e. the answer, certificate, etc.
  • access to payroll slips
  • access to electronic version of personal files
  • access to cyclical reports



If you need support in the financial management of the company or have additional questions, please contact us directly at +48 22 460 85 50 or by filling in the form available at the button below.